Free Background Music

All tracks in this playlist are completely free to use in your videos and projects. There is no need to message me about using it in your Youtube and Vimeo videos, school projects, short films, etc. As long as you can download it then use it. All I ask is that you leave credit for me – Kabbalistic Village and a link to my site or Soundcloud. Use these tracks for Youtube vlogs, tutorials, drone footage videos, travel and adventure videos, DIY Fashion and Makeup videos, epic compilations, Instagram videos and whatever else you can think of. You can monetise the videos using these tracks. If you happen to receive a copyright flag on Youtube – please message me and I will take care of it. Enjoy!

Top tracks based on popularity from other users:

Snowy Forest, Los Angeles, Deep in Manhattan, Fast and Furious, Lip Balm and Underground.

All tracks written, produced, mixed and mastered by Kabbalistic Village in Logic Pro 9 and Logic Pro X in Tzfat, Israel.