Who is Kabbalistic Village?

Kabbalistic Village is the music project started by Menachem Engel in 2010 in Tzfat, Israel. He grew up in Queens, NY and started playing guitar at 12 years old and started writing his first songs soon after. Attracted to the shred guitar scene he recorded a few songs under the name Black House with his brothers in their bedroom and gave it out to whoever would listen to it. He moved to Israel when he was 18 and became more interested in learning about Judaism and less interested in music. When he was 20 he moved to Safed – an ancient Kabbalistic city in the north of Israel to pursue his studies further and it was there that his interest in music arose again. His friends introduced him to electronic music and he soon got his hands on a computer and a copy of FL Studio and started to produce psychedelic trance and whatever else he could think of that sounded good.

He soon became interested in different genres of electronic music and started to produce more chill out, ambient, downtempo and world music. Interested in composing for Film and TV he enrolled at the Academy of Art University to study Music Production for Visual Media. Kabbalistic Village started selling stock music on AudioJungle in 2013 and has since produced a wide ranging portfolio of sounds for filmmakers to use. His latest interest has been Indian Raga music. Many of his songs have been used by companies such as Ferrari, Thomas Pink, Ford India, National Institute of Technology and by many Film production companies, Youtube vloggers and podcasts.

Besides for being able to license his music for commercial use, Kabbalistic Village’s music is available on all major streaming sites (scroll down for link to Spotify) and individual songs and albums can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play and many other online locations.

Menachem lives in Tzfat with his wife and daughter and is always writing new material. His music is very much influenced by Judaism and the Hasidic movement – especially by the teachings of Rebbe Nachman who started the Breslov Hasidic movement.

Kabbalistic Village - Menachem Engel